studio 1

It has two isolated booth, an isolated cabin open, besides a live room and a Steinway & Sons Grand Concert piano model D, made in Hamburg. This studio was first intended for the highest quality analogical recordings and later digital technology was added. So, today it offers sound recording, edition and mixing in both formats.

SSL 4056 G with Total Recall.

PROTOOLS HD3 vers. 9 and 10 (Mac Pro 12 Core 24Gb RAM)

STUDER A827 “2” Inches

Booth monitoring
Genelec 1031 A
Genelec 1035 B
Yamaha NS 10 Pro

Studio monitoring
JBL 4412
AKG 270/271 Headphones

Lexicon 480 LARC
Lexicon 300
Lexicon PCM 80
TC electronic M 2290
Eventide DSP 4000
Roland SDE 330
Yamaha SPX 990
DBX 160s Tube compressor
SummitAudio DCL 200 Tube compressor
Parametric Equalizer GML 8200
APHEX Compellor 320 A
APHEX Dominator II 720
APHEX Aural exciter type III, model 250
APHEX Aural exciter C2, with Big Bottom
APHEX Expressor
BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer
Digidesign 192 I/O Expanded (2) (24 Canales)

Studio 1 Floorplan

Area: 153 m². Volume: 1,025 m³